About Ujjain

The holy city of Ujjain is also known as the "Greenwich Mean Time" of India. It has enjoyed a position of considerable importance in the field of astronomy. Ujjain used to be the central point for calculation of Indian time. According to Hindu geographers the first meridian of longitude passes through Ujjain. There are only 12 Jyotirlingas in India and one of the 12 called Mahakaleshwar self manifested in Ujjain. It is the presiding deity of time.


Khumb Mela

Simhastha is the great bathing festival in Ujjain.It is celebrated in a cycle of twelve years (also known as the Khumb mela). During the churning of the ocean lila, few drops of amrita fell at 4 places on earth. Haridwar Prayag, Nasik and Ujjain. Bathing in the holy waters of Shipra is considered most holy in the month of Chaitra.


The Nectar

According to parampara Sri Krishna came to the ashram here to study various sciences as a disciple of his Guru Maharisi Sandipani along with his brother Balarama and friend Sudama.

Ankapata, was the place used by Krishna to wash his writing board. The numerals 1 to 100 found on a stone are believed to have been engraved by Guru Sandipani.


Bhakti Caru Swami on ISKCON Ujjain

"What I am really concerned about that whoever comes here, they get a very good treatment and they have a very nice impression of our movement."
"This is an important place, it is Krishna and Balaram’s place of education, it is the practical education one needs to deal with the world."


Mayapur-Ujjain Tour includes

Basic 3 day introduction programme includes practical knowledge on how to deal with the material world - conducted by Ganga Narayana das.
We can organise an educational package according to budget and requirement of the group.

Guest house
There are 28 luxuriously furnished marble rooms with individual bathroom facilities. Rooms are spacious with highest standard of cleanliness. Rooms all have AC facility and have a wide balcony overlooking the garden and temple.

The Govinda’s Restaurant is the best vegetarian muti-cuisine restaurant in Ujjain.

By Air: To Indore from Delhi or Mumbai.

Flights: Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Air Sahara, Air Deccan, King Fisher.

By Train: To Ujjain Station.The temple is located 10 to 15 minutes away from the station.

[Roads are not the best way to travel]

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