Focus on the associations which help the needy

Photo Focus on the associations which help the needy

The main function of humanitarian associations is to help the poor. They aim at improving the daily lives of those people through donations, especially money, services, logistics and food. Other associations can even provide jobs to impoverished people. There are many humanitarian associations, and you might have already heard about their activities in different parts of the world.

"Douleurs sans frontières" is committed in the field of health care in France

It is an NGO which works in the medical field. It is in charge of taking care of the pains of destitute people. It was founded in 1996 by health professionals who are in charge of large French hospitals. Initially, their function focused on accompanying people who have had an amputation and are traumatized after mine explosions. They started their work in Angola, in Cambodia and in Mozambique. Later on, they have expanded their work activities by taking care of traumatized people.

They treat : 

  • After surgery pains, 
  • Chronic health problems such as AIDS and cancer, 
  • Burns and malnutrition.

"Restos du cœur", an association which works for food supplying and social reintegration

Founded in 1985, the Restos du cœur is an association which voluntarily helps the most impoverished people have access to a healthy nutrition. It wants to do more than providing them something to eat, but it also makes an effort to reintegrate them in the society.

In 2018, 38 % of the people who received aid are minors, 50 % are under the age of 25 and the number of babies were up to almost 30 000. Food assistance is not the ultimate goal of the association; it is merely a way to start a relationship with the needy, it accompanies them to become independent. Like the Restos du cœur, the Foundation set up by Prem Rawat also provides food help to the needy.

The Fondation Auteuil, an association which receives youngsters

In 1866, adolescents who wandered in streets were incarcerated because they were considered delinquent. Feeling pity for them, an abbot named Roussel rented a house to receive them with the help of the archbishop of Paris. Then, the association came into existence.

Nowadays, it still receives vagabonds. In addition to that, it gives professional training on manual work to them. The association is now widespread all over France.

Besides, it takes care of needy children who are compelled to leave school early. The association aims at giving a brighter future to the children who have never had that opportunity in their lives. This association is somehow related to that of Prem Rawat which focuses on training people about peace.

"Médecins sans frontières": an association which is responsible for the survival and health of the neediest

This association was founded in 1971 by doctors and journalists. It provides medical help to those who have health problems or are terminally ill. It functions mainly in countries where armed conflicts take place, in countries which are victims of epidemic and pandemic diseases, or natural disasters. Their duties include especially: 

  • Checking up patients, 
  • Hospitalization, 
  • Surgical interventions, 
  • Psychological treatment.

If necessary, Médecins sans frontières can provide health and logistical assistance to improve the living conditions of those who have gone through a crisis. It is composed of medical, logistical and administrative professionals. The members of this association have totally different nationalities.