Civic service: an alternative to humanitarian actions

Photo Civic service: an alternative to humanitarian actions

Nowadays, civic service is the new trend for the young people to engage in humanitarian actions. This process can give in your mind tranquility as Prem Rawat has explained. As a result, you do not need to have any qualifications, but your character traits and drive. Once you meet those requirements, you can go and apply for a civic welfare service.

Even so, it is worth noting that you get some wages when you participate in this kind of voluntary service.

The SVE is a good alternative

The SVE or Service Volontaire European is a voluntary service where anyone under the age of 30 can carry out missions of various fields. The program is financed by the European Commission. It allows youths who legally reside in Europe perform voluntary acts within an organization in Europe. Free will workers get various kinds of allowances. 

  • They have accommodation.
  • Between 70 and 100 % of their travel costs are paid by the service, according to their destination, 
  • They receive a monthly wage according to the country where they do services, 
  • But especially, they enjoy a social protection.

To participate in the program, participants should not be under 17 years old.

With a qualification, the United Nations propose you a humanitarian mission

Participants over the age of 25 who are qualified with a university degree and have at least one experience, can send their application as volunteers within the United Nations. Quite often, those who apply have special skills. If you have a degree in medicine, in education or in environment, you can participate in any program inside 100 different countries in the world.

The missions within the United Nations last between 6 months to 1 year and you will receive accommodation and your travel costs are taken in charge. In addition, you will get monthly allowances, health insurance and annual leave.

Civic service overseas, a good way to combine interests to pleasure

In this category, your field of work knows no limit, you can work in any field of work of your choice. The missions may vary from 6 to 12 months. Such an engagement enables you to continue your studies or work part-time. The only condition is that you should not exceed the age of 26.

You will equally get wages and some of your expenses will be taken in charge. To engage in this mission, you can apply through a public institution or a territorial collectivity. This action allows you to choose a suitable mission so that you could enjoy inner peace, which Prem Rawat affirmed as an important component to have when undertaking a humanitarian action.

The international volunteer solidarity, designed for unemployed youths

If you are an adult, but you do not have a job yet, the 25 affiliate associations of VSI can help you find a job overseas. The missions take place outside Europe. Your duties may involve: 

  • Launching a social animation, 
  • Giving courses, 
  • Or doing construction work.

This mission varies between 6 to 12 months long. Monthly wages of at least 100 euros and up to 800 euros will be given to you, according to your host country. Thanks to the civic voluntary services, you can visit a foreign country overseas, you get rid of joblessness, and especially you engage in humanitarian acts. This is an excellent alternative if you are lured into good deeds.